Al Jazeera reports ‘pandemic good mirrors of social inequalities in India’


Despite the provision of a general coronavirus testing to all regardless of inequities in the society, there are many who are facing discrimination due to their place in society.

An inadequate health care system is crumbling with a surge in coronavirus cases. Al Jazeera reported that the health care system has been chronically underfunded with hospitals overburdened with patients.

The pandemic holds a mirror to the social inequalities. It exposes the gap between haves and have-nots as the former get their way through treatment, while later have to face long queues.

Private hospitals are charging huge rates for treatment which are unaffordable by the people. As government hospitals are overflowing with patients, most people have nowhere else to go.

The pandemic has hit India’s poor the hardest, from the disease itself to the economic and social impact of a recently lifted nationwide lockdown.

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