A greater number of Kashmiri youth are picking up guns: Al Jazeera reports


A Ph.D. scholar at a local university is suspected to have joined rebel ranks last month. Many Kashmiri youths have followed the suit and are picking up guns at an increasing pace.

In an offensive launched against Kashmir, around 116 rebels have been killed since January, according to Al Jazeera. A youth who was killed this month has picked up the gun last month.

The year 2019 saw, 139 youth joining the resistance, according to official figures.

The decision in last August taken to revoke the autonomy of the disputed region has exacerbated the disenchantment of the Kashmiri youth.

Many say that the recent attempts to assimilate Kashmir into India have furthered the alienation of people in Kashmir.

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Even in a pandemic, the military offensive has not stopped. Added to this is the incessant harassment by the security forces.

According to the report, the number of rebels is decreasing. Yet the disenchanted Kashmiri youths have not ceased from joining the rebel ranks.

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