30 years later, Kenya MP returns to Aurangabad to repay Rs 200 debt


Septuagenarian Kashinath Gawli was overcome with emotion as he found an MP from Kenya at his doorstep in Aurangabad, returning to the historic city after 30 years, just to repay a debt of Rs 200.

After 30 years, an MP from Kenya returned to Aurangabad and appeared at the doorstep of Septuagenarian Kashinath Gawli, who became overcome with emotion upon seeing the MP after so long. The MP had traveled far after 30 years to repay a debt of Rs. 200.

The MP, Richard Tong’i, is from the Nyaribari Chache constituency in faraway Kenya. He returned to meet his old benefactor.

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Richard studied Management Studies at a local college in Aurangabad between the years 1985-89. After completing his studies, he set off to return to his homeland and had an outstanding debt of 200 INR with his local grocer, Gawli. Gawli used to run a grocery shop in the Wankhedenagar locality where Richard stayed as a student.

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Gawli was overwhelmed with joy when he saw the Kenyan MP return. He told India Today, “I could not believe my eyes.”

RIchard returned to Aurangabad with his wife Michelee and said that it was a very emotional journey to make. When he finally met Gawli again, he was in tears.

“As a student in Aurangabad, I was at my lowest point, when these people (Gawlis) helped me. Then I thought that some day, I will come back and (re)pay. I want to say thank you. This is so emotional for me,” he told media.

“God bless the old man (Gawli) and his children. They were wonderful to me. They wanted to take me to a hotel for meal but I insisted that we should eat in their house,” he said.

Before he left Aurangabad to return to Kenya, the Kenya MP invited Gawli to visit his homeland.

Originally published by: India Today

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