Hindu Sena does it again: Yajna for Trumps re-election


As America prepares to vote for the 2020 Presidential election, Hindu followers of Donald Trump in India organized prayers seeking reelection of Trump who they think is a global saviour of Hindus against “Islamic Terror.”

According to a statement released by the Hindu Sena, an organization representing an extremist ideology, the world needs Donald Trump as he is the only leader who can globally fight the menace of rowing “Islamic Terrorism .”

The statement read, “Within few hours USA is going to vote for the election of US President. Hindu Sena is offering prayers and worshipping God for the re-election of Mr Donald Trump once again. The USA and the whole world need Mr Donald Trump for saving Humanity from the evil Islamic Terror.

Islamic terrorists are beheading innocent people in the name of Islam, they have waged war against us, we need to unite and fight against them and eliminate them, for that we need Mr Trump to become USA President once again. Under the leadership of President Trump, USA had killed isis terrorist Al Bagdadi and another Irani terrorist Suleimani. 

President Donald Trump is a friend of India, he has imposed many sanctions against Islamic Terror Nation Pakistan and China, we believe in future India and the USA will take on China and Pakistan very well. Election of President Trump is within the good interest of the nationalist people of India.

Today Hindu Sena has organized a Yajna and offering our prayers to god for the re-election of President Trump. Hindu Sena is very much sure about the re-election of President Trump and Hindu Sena is further appealing every USA Hindu voter to vote and support Mr Donald Trump. We wish President Trump a stroke of good luck for the elections”

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 Talking to Karvan India, Hindu Sena’s founder Vishnu Gupta said, “We have always stood by Trump, and will continue to do so. He is our Global leader who believes in eliminating Islamic extremism from the world.”

Hindu Sena, in the past, has also organized the birthday celebration of Trump and Queen Victoria among other stunts. 

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