Mission Milk: Providing Milk to Underprivileged Children in Bangalore


Mission Milk, started by Bangalore-based cousins Zeeshan Javid, Zufishan Pasha and Shehzar Sheriff aims to provide milk to underprivileged children across the city. Milk is one of the most important products for children and babies to consume, but there is a severe lack of it, even in ration kits. This initiative aims to resolve that gap.

The team, including contributors from among friends and family, source milk from local Nandini parlours, which maintain good quality and nutritional value, at Rs 37 a litre. They are also accepting donations via Milaap. When someone finds an area in the city where children need milk, the team is notified.

The entire team wears appropriate protective equipment while going to give the milk to families door-to-door, so as to maintain social distancing and protect themselves and the people around them from further spread of the virus.

Tentatively, Mission Milk will end on May 31, two weeks after the lockdown is scheduled to end. This has been planned so that the families can have a buffer period where they don’t have to worry about sourcing milk immediately after the lockdown.

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